The MOST POWERFUL 1:1 Coaching Program for the overwhelmed MAMA ENTREPRENEUR


Is it time to shift out of overwhelm and into your powerful and natural rhythm?


Together, in EMPOWERED, we re-work the areas of your life and business that are not working, creating the systems and structures that allow you to show up and shine in every area of your life and we do it all on your terms, based on YOUR specific needs and lifestyle.


What if you got to dream BIG and have those big dreams come to fruition?

šŸ‘‰ You want to feel amazing in your body, done.

šŸ‘‰ You want to spend quality time with your kiddos, you got it.

šŸ‘‰ Want to weekend away with your partner, no problem.

šŸ‘‰ You want girl time or a spa day, you can absolutely can have that.

šŸ‘‰ You want to make money to support your family and then have plenty left offer, yep, you can have that too.

šŸ‘‰ You want to run a business that kicks a$$ and doesn't drain you, yep, it's all yours!

Having everything you desire does not mean you have to do more. That just leads to more overwhelm anyways and no Mama should have to live in overwhelm, ever.


What if, you no longer had to compartmentalize or feel guilty about having what it is you desire?


Motherhood, Life, and Business, it's a dance, a dance that you get to design. 

āœØ An Empowered Mama sets the tone for the energy in her family.

āœØ An Empowered Mama lives in integrity and authenticity.  

āœØ An Empowered Mama empowers her family to be the best of themselves.

āœØ An Empowered Mama follows through for herself and for her family.

āœØ An Empowered Business Mama is a leader, an EXTRAORDINARY LEADER

āœØ An Empowered Business Mama takes action daily to grow her business

āœØ An Empowered Business Mama sets herself up for success daily

āœØ An Empowered Business Mama takes time for her to nourish herself, guilt free

āœØ An Empowered Business Mama surrounds herself with support that lifts her up, encourages her and gets her into action when her head is up her a**!



Vision and Clarity

What is YOUR big dream and what's stopping you from getting there?

We get to pull up our sleeves together and discover the truth of you and what it is you would like to create. 

We will acknowledge and release the patterns that have had you stuck in your current reality, shifting healing and releasing what no longer serves you.

We will map out your unique way to creating your dreams. The what, the why, and the action steps required to back your vision.


Presence and  Implementation

What is your unique way of showing up? How do you get your message into the world, what lights you up and how do you invite people to your gifts? How do you reach your ideal clients?

This is about your uniqueness, your day to day, your way of operating in all areas of your life. 

We set boundaries, we re-work systems to support you, and begin to look at hiring out tasks that are currently slowing you down. 

This is YOU Being the CEO of your life and business.




Growth & Momentum

Now that your systems and daily actions are in place, tried and tested, it's time for growth and momentum.

This is where we turn up the volume of what you have been creating, and expand it even bigger. 

Clients, connections and profits will grow dynamically in this phase.

This is where you get to reap the benefits of phases 1 and 2 for putting in the work of being honest, vulnerable and present with what is calling you.



What's included in this 1:1, 6 month program:

3x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions/Month

*these sessions will be recorded so you can relisten as often as you wish

Ongoing support via text Monday through Friday

*when I work with clients 1:1 we go all in, I'm in your business and your life to support you in achieving your goals - there's no touch and go - it's all in!

2 hour VIP deep dive with Maggie - in person or virtual

*this will occur in month 1 to set the tone for our six months together

Hi! Iā€™m Maggie Emerson, a POWERFUL leader, coach and mentor to Mama Entrepreneurs.

I have a unique and fun way of bringing out the best in everyone I  meet. I catch people by surprise with my sense of joy, adventure and curiosity that is contagious and highly sought after. I am well known for my  magic and magnetism, allowing the impossible to become possible and flipping any situation into something greater. 
I am here on this planet to support you in stepping up and stepping in to the powerful woman, Mama and business owner that you are.  I have zero doubts in you, and it’s time you dropped those doubts too.

CONNECT with Maggie here if you're a HELL YES!!

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