I used to find myself surrounded by people who just *knew*, and I wanted to know all the things too.
Before becoming a mom, I declared I would never be the mom her lost herself in motherhood, but I did. 
I promised myself I wouldn’t be the single mama who fell into the stigma of it being ‘so hard’, but I did, because I resisted it, and so it persisted.
I promised myself day after day after groundhog day, that tomorrow would be different, and it wasn’t different, until I chose to get present with myself and love and adore myself as exactly who I am and have the courage to live my life in a way that works for me.
I would read books, watch FB lives, read posts by people I thought had it all together, yet still found myself perplexed as to why things were not changing the way I knew was possible.
 I kept seeking outwardly for what I have discovered was always on the inside.
Everything began to change when I truly got present with myself.
It took learning how to show up for myself, listening, trusting my knowing, and taking the action on it. 
It took learning to receive love and support from others, that opened me up to a whole new world and way of being.
 💗That my adventures of traveling have shaped who I am and how I show up in the world.

💗I have an incredible ability to bring amazing people into my life and then learned how to receive in big ways - cuz you gotta receive big when you have so many amazing people in your life. 


💗That my love of adventure, also goes along with my love of earrings, so that has become something magical too.


💗AND, I discovered an incredible ability to teach others to do the same - for them, in their magical ways.

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I can’t wait to adventure with you!

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