Hi I am Maggie and I help determined entrepreneurs grow their bottom line by increasing their presence with their body by enhancing their self-care through conscious living and pragmatic thinking. 


One of the greatest challenges a determined entrepreneur faces is having the time to take care of their growing business while making sure all areas of their lives are running smoothly and happily. Often times, their body's and their health take a back seat. Does this sound familiar to you?


What if something different was possible?


The thing is, you and I both know, that the body is our vehicle for life, and if it's not running optimal, we're not running optimal and in turn, neither is our business.


My mission:  to share tools, practices, and experiences that you can integrate into your daily routine that blends the maintenance and joy of your ‘vehicle’ into your busy schedule.  In doing so, you will actually add  to your time AND and your bottom line.  


Is it time to start taking care of you and your body now?



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One hour with Maggie is like five years with a therapist!! Maggie’s presence and coaching has assisted many individuals in letting go of limiting points of view easily and effortlessly.

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