Hi!! I'm Maggie and I am SO excited you are here!

*written on November 22, 2019
45 days ago I arrived home from California, exhausted and feeling like I had nothing left to give.
45 days ago I declared I didn’t have to work so hard. 
45 days ago I decided I would dive deeper into what brings me joy.
45 days ago I decided I would find what truly FULLfills me.
I was fed up with feast and famine. I was fed up with doubting myself. Let’s just say I was fed up and it was time to create something different.
I messaged a friend asking for support, knowing she knew something that would open up possibilities for me. I was right. She helped big time.
I found out it that it wasn’t that I wasn’t full. It was that I was full of what didn’t fill me. 
I went searching, asking what brings me joy?
I went back to when I was a kiddo, happily crafting on the floor, movies on and creating beautiful pictures, jewelry and art.
I stared to come alive again. Excited about what I was creating.
One of my favorite parts of my day is picking out my earrings. They set the energy of the day for me. I often pick earrings before I pick out my clothes.
I would make a pair of earrings, put them on, run over to my man and say - ‘don’t you love them?’
He would smile and say, 'yes, they’re beautiful'.
I brought them to dance class. Four pairs sold in a matter of minutes! 
I shared images of them with a friend online, she picked out her favs and bought the first two pairs that got to be shipped out of Durango.
She messaged me and said: ’are you sure you’re not supposed to be an earring designer?’
My body lit up. I lit up. There’s something here.
And so I kept going. Each pair bringing more joy to me and those who literally wanted to buy these earrings off of me.
But they weren’t just earrings, they were more. 
They each have stories, energies and invitations that go with them to let the wearer know, everything they ever need is inside of them, that it’s time to fly, to let go of fear and celebrate their uniqueness and live life fully.
They were not just earrings, they had become EndEARrings.  
And I am so excited to share them with you…on Monday!!
Yep I’m a tease!!!! And I just couldn’t wait for you to start to hear all the bits and pieces of what’s to come with the EndEARrings, where they came from, a new writing space and new offerings where we get to play and adventure in person.
Here’s what you can expect (and Mark your calendars for):
Monday November 25th - The release of EndEARrings…they are not just earrings, they are endearings 
Sunday December 1st - The beginning of my writing space will be published for the first of many many many times (the name is AMAZING and you’ll have to wait to find out about it)
Monday December 2nd - The Earring of the Month Club Opens
Monday December 9th - The FULLfilled Weekend Retreats open for application
So many exciting things I can’t wait for you to be a part of!!
xo Maggie


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