Choose what FULLfills YOU!

choice presence Dec 14, 2019

What would you like to be FULL of today?

Here's something fun to play with:

Choose a word, an energy that you would like to adventure with today. Add the world FULL to the end.

Say it out loud a...

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Breathe into FULL-ness

life force presence Dec 10, 2019
Inhale deeper.
Exhale further.
Inhale and allow your lungs to expand.
Exhale and release stagnant energy.
Inhale, filling your entire...
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Presence- FULL

breath courage presence Dec 04, 2019

Presence yourself.

Presence yourself to the inner workings of your heart.

Take a deep breath.

And another deep breath.

Allow yourself to let your walls down.

Sense your body.

Sense your breath.


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