Seeds of Possibility

The Sara Dann’s | Certainty, Authenticity, Drive

$65.00 USD

If you’ve been spinning your wheels, changing directions like an overly excited kid in a candy store, the message and power behind these earrings are for you.

These earrings are named and designed after a coach of mine, Sara Dann, who teaches you how to create a system, stick to the system and rock the system to see massive business (and personal growth). And the best part is this system, is designed around you, what you love and how you get to show up.

The diamond pattern in these Sara Dann earrings are to remind you that hard work does pay off and that when you put your energy where your mouth is, BIG things can and will happen, just like how diamonds are formed. 

These earrings also to remind you to dig deep within yourself and own the f*ck out of who you are.