Filigree : Snowflake - Unique, Free, Light (dark turquoise)

$15.00 USD

Snowflake - The snowflake filigree earrings are about claiming your uniqueness and a reminder for you to be light, free, and trust yourself in all that you are. Just like a snowflake can melt into rain, you have the freedom to shift into what you need to be to create your everyday.


Each pair of Filigree earrings offer a new perspective, possibility, and permission to do what you choose.

These invite you to see things differently no matter how they have been shaped or how your past experience was. 

Filigree earrings remind you to see beyond what is to create what is truly meaningful and powerful to you.

*Each unique shape of the filigree earrings has its own added message.

Length: 1 & 3/4 inches

Width: 1.5 inches



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