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Could a Pair of Earrings Change Your life?

Wanna know the thing that opened my world up to so much more joy, beauty, elegance and adventure?

       πŸ’— Community. Because going it alone began to seriously suck. In fact, I don’t recommend going alone at all. We’re not meant to do this alone. 
       πŸ’— Asking for help and support - even though it took me a few years to really receive this help and support (and so much love). 
      πŸ’—AND was earrings, and not just any earrings. These earrings that I affectionately call EndEARrings, have completely changed my world. (and they’re so sassy, and beautiful that they even have a club of their own!!)

But there is so much more to the story… of how I went from believing that I had to be superwoman (draining) to instead living FULLY in my superpowers ( delightFULL)  - and of how these earrings became what they are today AND of how I continue to become more of me everyday - and of how YOU can too!

What would your world be like if you just absolutely knew what was true for you?

That by listening to those little whispers, those knowings that you find yourself discovering after the fact, only you get to know them before and consciously take action on them.
I know personally, I have.
Hi, I'm Maggie, a recovering people pleaser and past ignorer of my knowing. 
It has taken me years to acknowledge the gifts and capacities that I have. All the while knowing, creating, and facilitating others to find their own knowing and ways of creation. 
It was in the courageous act of making earrings (when it didn't make any sense at all) that has created a way for me to connect and share the beauty, adventure, and elegance by way of EndEARrings.  
I created the Earring of the Month club not only to share my earrings, but to bring people together to honor their own knowing and beauty on the inside and out.

The Earring of the Month Club is about more than just earrings...

πŸ’—It's about adorning yourself with beauty, 
πŸ’—It's in meeting beautiful creators, 
πŸ’—It's about receiving, 
πŸ’—It's about elegance, 
πŸ’—It's about adventure, 
πŸ’—It's about celebration, 
πŸ’—It's about community, 
πŸ’—It's about connection, 
πŸ’—And best of all, it's about you listening in to the whispers and knowings of your heart.

Why EndEARrings?

In October 2019, I found myself exhausted and burnt out. The only way I can describe it is the similar feeling to when I had postpartum depression. There were days that were dark, gloomy and sad and I looked around my life seeing how beautiful it was, yet I was not connected to the joy of it.  One might say I was feeling 'empty'. I would describe it as feeling FULL, FULL of the things that were not serving me, aka the shoulds, have tos, musts , fears, lack, you name it and it was exhausting. 
I decided to go on an adventure, because I knew it was time to truly fill myself FULL of what truly matters. This adventure turned out to be quite the EndEARing adventure.
Every day for weeks I would get up and ask my being what I needed to know, how I could connect back into myself. Through various intuitive hits, weird, yet miraculous aha's, I began to make earrings, just like I did when I was a little girl.
Joy began to return to me and my body. I would wear each pair of earrings joyfully, receiving comments from strangers how beautiful they were. 
I made a bunch one day and brought them to movement class with me; 5 pairs sold instantly and that was the beginning.
As I tuned into each pair of earrings, they felt different, like a story was connected to each one, bringing the joys in my life into the art and creation of these earrings. And inside a conversation with a dear friend, the word, endearing, was spoken and that was the moment the EndEARrings claimed their name. 
A story is born and written for each style of EndEARrings, the story of each, just might be my favorite part, the earrings happen to be a bonus.  
When you become part of the Earring of the Month club, you not only receive a gorgeous, personally handcrafted pair of EndEARrings, you also receive it's message with an art piece, also created by me (Maggie), AND each month I have carefully selected beautiful creators to share their magic on the similar topic of the EndEARrings messages so you get to go deep with each months theme.
As a member of the Earring of the Month Club, you receive a gifted ticket to the BlissFULL Retreat held in Durango, CO in FAll 2020!! 
This means, you get to PLAY with your fellow EndEARring lovers!!!! 
Earrings to me are a reminder to listen in to the whispers and the feather-like touch of paying attention to what you know.
Each of us has a deep knowing inside of us, that if we listen in, we have the keys to create anything we desire.
The EndEARrings are a reminder of just that.
AND, how fun is it to wear earrings that are gorgeous, fun, elegant AND are great conversation starters?

Meet this Months Earrings

Elegant Adventure

Light, free, inspired by columbine lake and the choice to put them on and know you can create any adventure you choose.  
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Meet this Months Guest Creative

Jaimsyne Blakely

Jaimsyne Blakely is a writer, speaker, and transformational life and business coach who teaches people and companies with heart and soul how to use an inside out rather than an intellectual approach to create profitable, fun, highly conscious businesses and happy, healthy and adventurous lives.
Jaimsyne is a visionary four-time start-up founder, creator of the Celebrity Gift Bag and Backstage Lounge industries, originator of providing the first discounted lifestyle services online, and orchestrator of the largest multi-brand campaigns in history.  
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Through her daily practice of multiple hours of deep inner work over the past 25 years, as well as hours of daily writing and coaching, Jaimsyne has crafted a powerful, fast and simple process for people to connect with their inner wisdom to discover, express and embody their own brand of love and magic, create significant works of art and innovation, and to make 100% correct decisions 100% of the time. 
With her trifecta of inner knowing, business and life knowledge, and shift kicking energy, Jaimsyne loves to spread the word about how we humans can use and trust our own Divine Intelligent Operating System (D.I.O.S.), to accelerate our purpose, possibility and potential and use that gold to create epic shift in the world. 

Jaimsyne's Gift for You

“The future belongs to those who know what’s coming.” - Jack Kerouac
My name is Jaimsyne Blakely and I’m happy to be your guide on the most elegant and extraordinary adventure I know of - the one into your own Soul.
You can access your deepest knowing and receive the answer to any question with this powerful 15-minute SoulAdventure process I recorded just for you.
I invite you to grab a pen and a journal or notebook, find a comfortable chair, settle in and relax as we explore the YOUniverse that is YOU! 
From My Heart and Soul To Yours, 
**the details to join Jaimsyne will come once you purchase your monthly membership**

What's included in this Month's Membership

πŸ’—1 Pair of EndEARrings Monthly This month’s style is the 'Elegant Adventure' in Columbine Lake
πŸ’—1 Endearing message & art piece to go with your EndEARrings
πŸ’— LIVE Soul Venture with guest Creative, Jaimsyne Blakely (held on February 5th, 2020)
πŸ’—1 ticket to the inaugural BLISS-FULL Retreat in Durango in Fall 2020 (official dates TBA) [$997 value) *you will receive your official ticket after 3 months of being in the monthly club
ALL YOURS FOR $49 USD/month (includes shipping to USA)


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