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A 21 day 1:1 intensive to help you establish a deeper connection with your body so that you can know how your body speaks to you and operate from a place of knowing rather than confusion.

I know that without a doubt, your body is waiting for you to receive the gifts of wisdom it has to offer you. And I know you want to know what it's saying to you!

This 21 days is all about us working together with your body to create connection and communion that is off the charts amazing.

The end result after the 21 days: A deeper connection and communion with your body, ongoing practices to continue to enhance this communion with your body, a new-found flow in your life because of your unique connection with your body.



Listen to the soft whisper of your body.
Listen to it’s truth.
Listen to the dance of your cells.


Listen to you heart
Listen to your feet
Listen to spine


Within every cell your body caries a truth only it knows.

Are you listening?

Waves of information flow through you in every moment.

Are you listening?

What is it you want to hear?

What is it you don’t want to hear?


Listen to the silence.
Listen to the sound.


Receive the acoustical vibration of your body.
Receive the space of embodiment.
Receive the gift your presence is to the world…to you


Receiving you…receiving me…. receive we.


Dance your dance.
Move your flow.
Seek pleasure.

Dance. Move. Shimmy. Shake

and listen…

Listen to your body’s requests.
Receive your body’s guidance.
Dance your body’s dance.


90 min zoom call - Audio recording of the call
21 Days of Voxer access to Maggie
45 min zoom follow up call after the 21 day - Audio recording of the call




1. Upon submitting your payment, you will receive an email from me with your pre-work. This will allow you to start right away and dive into learning the language and your unique communication with your body. 
2. You will submit your pre-work to me, to give me time to put together practices and ideas for you to implement during our time together, and from there we will book your 90 minute session.
3. Together on the session we will co create a plan of action and a set of tools for you to put to work to connect to your body daily. 
4. After the session you will receive the audio recording, notes and anything else I share with you on the call via email. 
5. During the 21 days you will have voxer access to me to ask me questions, get feedback and know that you have support in your pocket in any moment. (voxer is a walkie talkie app that will allow us to communicate with ease and efficiency throughout the 21 days). 
6. Your 45 minute zoom session will be scheduled at the end of your 21 days to check in, give you more tools to continue on your path with creating connection and communion with your body.