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This private retreat experience with Maggie Emerson is by application only.


2.5 day Private Retreat in Durango, CO

Shift Your Presence, Shift Your Life


Are you willing to be so present with yourself that you actually know that YOU carry the keys to every single heart’s desire that you have? Your life is sweet, your life is precious, and it’s not meant to be lived as a race or a competition. It’s meant to be lived, FULLY by you, and on YOUR terms. 


What would be different in your life, if you listened to the sweet little whispers of knowing that are available to you? Who would you be, if you stepped FULLY into all that you are, without apology?


I'm here to share and invite you to your path. One that you can't go looking outside of yourself to find. You must go inward and listen attentively, yet without attachment to receive each gift of wisdom and knowing.


How does one do that and become present with themselves? So present with themselves that it is no longer a question of when they are going to show up for themselves, but rather, what does showing up for themselves look like today?


How do you allow the unknown to be your guide? You start with listening. Listening to your inner guidance, and the wisdom that resides inside each and every cell in your body. Life can be lived in so many ways. It is when life is lived from the heart and from deep knowing and trust that you can create a life worth living.

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What is it that you thought was you, that is time to SHED? 

What is it that your heart and your cells yearn for, that it is time to IGNITE?


I created this 1:1 retreat so that you can truly have all of you in your life. I created this so that others could experience the gift of presence and then bring home to both their bodies and their everyday lives. My role in these FULLfilled weekends is to teach you how to connect with yourself. To look at your life from a birdseye view and see what your life is full of and if that is truly serving you.


Inside the IGNITE Weekend is a place for you to connect and be present with yourself in a way that is like nothing else. To shed a light on what is honestly going on for you on the inside and how it is reflecting back to you on the outside by:

 đź’—Connecting to your inner knowing

đź’—Breakthrough stuck patterns that have been keeping you stagnant in all areas of your life

đź’—Finding your truth path of how to adventure through life with flow and ease

đź’—How to distinguish what is your knowing and what is your mind trying to distract you

đź’—Learning to TRUST and act on your inner knowing

đź’—Planning the next steps to create your beautiful life with ease going forward

đź’—Learning how to listen to your body and its subtle cues that guide you everyday

đź’—Discover more of who you are while surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world in Durango, Colorado at the IGNITE Retreat.


Give yourself 2.5 days indulging in the gift of you.


With Maggie's support, you will leave your 2.5 day retreat IGNITED with what truly fills you. This is something you will take with you for the rest of your life (and you'll probably be back for more!) Together and with FULL presence, we get to play, adventure and look at your life, what gets to shift, what gets to be removed, and what gets to stay and what gets to come out and play. Let’s get started!

Investment $7000

*pick your dates when you apply


You are not meant to do this adventure into your presence alone.

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What would be different in your life if you listened to the sweet little whispers of knowing that are available to you right now?

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Who would you be, if you stepped FULLY into all that you are, present-FULL and without apology?
YOUR 1:1 IGNITE Private Retreat in Durango, CO is waiting for you.

*includes our 2.5 days of work together, does not include airfare or accommodations
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