Are You Micromanaging Yourself?

Are you Micromanaging Yourself?


In other words are you controlling yourself to a degree that it is limiting you?


Micromanagement is a term often used with business and management in the way in which employees are being ‘managed’. 


I would like to take this conversation inward with you.


Do you ever find yourself holding back or waiting? Could it be that you are trying to ‘fit in’ or manage yourself?


Now, before you go making yourself wrong for this, please know, that growing up we are often taught to fit in, to not be different in order to make it easier on others…especially our teachers (or a least from my experience). 


There’s a beautiful quote from Oscar Wiled that goes: ‘Be you, everybody else is taken.’ Nowhere in there does it say, be you, then be less of you so that others can be comfortable, does it?




So, how do you know you are micromanaging yourself? Let me count the ways….first off, you know  you’re micromanaging yourself when you hold back from speaking up.  Micromanaging yourself could also look like you don’t wear what you really want wear or you spend hours deciphering what to wear because you’re worried what others will think.  Micromanaging can also look like taking forever to make a decision, not allowing yourself to just go for it! And there are a multitude of ways you could micromanage yourself. The point here is, if you’re stopping yourself, doubting yourself or holding yourself back, you are most likely micromanaging yourself.


The good news is, once you know that you’re micromanaging yourself, you can stop and change it if you want to.  


If you want to stop the micromanaging, you really just begin by paying attention to how you are treating yourself. When you notice you are micromanaging yourself, do not go into you being bad or wrong because here you are  micromanaging you again.  Just ask yourself, what could I choose here instead? And how would I be treating me if I treated me like a best friend?


And then you keep going. You continue to pay attention to how you are treating yourself, and if it’s unkind and it’s limiting you, do something different.  This will be an on-going practice, keep paying attention and with practice, you will start functioning from empowering yourself rather than micromanaging yourself.

WTF is Creation?

WTF is Creation Anyways?


Creation. It’s a term that gets used a lot in my world.  And today, as I was talking with a friend, she brought to my attention that perhaps, creation in others minds, is not what creation is in my mind.


And so…that leads me to uncover…WTF is creation anyways?


For me, creation is life. 


Creation is depicted as :The act of creating; the act of causing to exist; and especially, the act of bringing this world into existence as stated in the online pre 1838 dictionary.


And that’s just it. Creation is bringing something to existence.  You can do this by creating a meal just like this: you decide you’re going to make a meal, you choose what that meal is (or if you’re like me you head to the grocery store, then decide), maybe you make a list, you go to the store pick up the ingredients, your bring them home, you cut them and mix them according to the meal and then…voila, you have created a meal.  And in the terms of creation, you have brought a meal to existence. 


Speaking of creating meals, do you ever create a meal based on how your mother or grandma did it?  Are you creating your life that way too?  Hmmmmm…. 


If you are, is that working for you?  


Sometimes we do things based on how we’ve been shown how to do them. What if there was a different way?  This is what I’m talking about with creation.  When we do things based on how mom or grandma or someone else did something, sometimes it can be fun and sometimes it becomes autopilot and meaningless.  


You have to to look at this for you. Are you creating your life based on what others are doing while so wanting something different?  


What if you could choose something different and not have guilt about it?


You can. You have permission to do things differently, even if it ruffles feathers, even you are questioned, even if it makes you happier than you’re supposed to be.  You my friend are in charge of your life, so how would you like to create it?


How does one start creating and doing things differently. You just start.  For the next three days, take inventory of what you are doing and how you are doing it.  Get curious, and ask yourself if you’re doing whatever you may be doing the way you’re doing it because that’s the way you were taught to do it, or because that’s the way you would like to do it?   Then you can ask, is this working? Is there a different way to do the that would be better for me?  And you go from there.  


The Joy of Business - A Different Perspective

When you think of the joy of business, what comes up? Do you think it’s delusional? Impossible? Or do you get curious?


No matter what you thought, keep reading…you’re in for a treat.


There are so many ways the Joy of Business is different than any other business course and I’m going to give you the top three.


1)    The Joy of Business never asks you to find an answer. Never.  Why? The answer is always an endpoint, and unless you want your business to end, why would you look for an end point? Instead, the Joy of Business invites you to be curious and ask questions. When asking questions, you’re inviting in the many possibilities available to you and your business, rather than one firm answer. Which means, you’re off the hook, you get to continuously create your business, rather than pinhole your business.


2)    The Joy of Business asks that you stop judging you.  So much of business today is based on what’s right and what’s wrong with you or with your business.  Does that seem true for you?  Judgement is something that is stopping the growth of your business and your money flows. Will you now stop judging you, your business and your money flows and allow your business to grow even more?


3)    The Joy of Business is all about choice. Choice is the greatest (and fastest) way you can grow your business.  Are you someone who allows yourself to choose? Or maybe you wait to choose? What if you making decisions and choices with speed will allow your business to grow faster? (hint: it does)


Now, are you ready to have the Joy of Business?


Just in case you didn’t notice, the Joy of Business is not all about being exuberant in every aspect of your business, and of course, that is available to you if you choose it.  The Joy of Business is about you have the freedom to choose, create, and expand your business in a way that works for you. All you have to do is be curious, stop the judgment and choose, choose choose!!


To find out when Maggie’s next Joy of Business class is, you can look at her schedule here.