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Embodied Business: JUMP START!

Ready to dive in fast? Jump Start with Maggie is just that...jumping in and starting a whole new way of being with your body and business. Bring all of you to this offering and you will leave with possibilities and inspired action.

who is this for?

Entrepreneurs who are looking for a power packed intensive to gain clarity, tools and a plan to move forward in their relationships with their body and/or business.

These sessions can range from looking at what physically ails you (and is distracting you from bigger things) to what's next with your business and how does your body play a part in that. (hint: way more than you think ;) )

What's included:

90 min Zoom Session with Maggie were together we will navigate what's going on, where you want to go, and how you're going to get there. 

3 weeks of ongoing email support with Maggie (Mon-Fri)

45 min follow up Zoom Session after 3 weeks. 

Investment: $997

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Embodied business: DEEP DIVE!

This body-centered program is designed to get you and your body into a vibrant space of possibilities so that you can show up and shine in your business and life daily.

Embodied Business: Deep Dive is a four month program that allows you to deeply connect with your body, intuition and your business. With your weekly sessions with Maggie, you will begin to expand upon what your current relationship is with your body, discover ways you can nurture your body even in the busy ins and outs of life and business. 


Entrepreneurs who desire to have one-on-one support from Maggie as a master body, business and lifestyle strategist. 

Interested? You can e-mail me directly at or click below to schedule a conversation.