Hi there!



The story of how this little earring business came to life is a tender, yet powerful one.

It began during a time where I was depleted, sad, and at my wits end.

Have you ever felt that way?

I was burnt out from over extending myself, started having anxiety when I had clients on my calendar, not to forget my mom was dying and COVID19 had just locked down the world.

A lot right?

Well, I pondered where my joy had gone and how to find me amongst all that was going on. I asked myself, what did I do as a kid that lit me up?

And that was, getting crafty and making earrings while having my fav movies in the background.

And so, I did just that. 

I got my beads out. (I had dabbled with earrings over the previous months but had a mindset block that made me think it couldn’t be a viable business - silly me).

I put on a movie and I learned how to weave the beads together to make the gorgeous triangles at the top and allow the free flow of the string beads at the bottom of the earrings.

I felt a sense of calm come over me. Like meditation without the mind chatter 🙂 .

I shared those first pair of earrings on Facebook (they were the ‘Ride the Wave’ earrings) and they sold in under 2 minutes.  

THAT was the sign I had asked for earlier in the day as to what direction I was to head in for my business.  Every pair since has sold and it makes me so happy and grateful to see these amazing earrings that I get to create, be worn by gorgeous, powerful and brilliant women around the globe.


Each pair of earrings comes with a message downloaded by me.

These earrings are not just beautiful, they are here to remind you of all the beauty, brilliance and everything else in between that you BE.

Sometimes, it takes a little reminder from the outside, to remind us of who we really are on the inside.

As you invite in and embody the energies of each pair of earrings, I know your world will continue to become more vibrant, more relaxed and more ease-filled.