The Custom Made Experience

$135.00 USD

Have a custom pair of earrings created just for you alongside your own unique message!!! (or a unique gift for someone special).

Each custom pair of earrings is truly one of a kind and is designed with you in mind.

Maggie utilizes her intuitive gifts to create the design as well as channel the message for each pair of earrings. 

You choose your color, size, theme - or leave that all up to Maggie!!! 


Message Channelling: 

When channelling messages, I simply ask the question: What message wants to come through me? And allow the words to flow.  Similar to picking a card that says just what you needed to hear in that moment, these messages arrive with your earrings contributing to you in the most amazing ways (but you gotta get yourself a custom pair in order to experience it).


How The Custom Made Experience Works: 

Once your purchase is made, Maggie will contact you to finalize details about color/length/what you are asking for etc. (You should hear back from her within 48 hours. Please note, Maggie’s hours are Monday - Friday 10-5 pm, if you submit on a Friday afternoon, you will not hear back until the following week). 

 *Custom orders take 1-3 weeks depending on the design, details and supplies needed.