The Body Wealth Connection – 3 Part Audio Series


Attune to your body's innate wisdom that allows bring in wealth and prosperity through being present with your body.


What if with simply 5 minutes per day you could attune you and your body to bring more wealth into your world?


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About Maggie...

Maggie Emerson is a global business and lifestyle strategist, body magician, business creator, adventurer, inspiration and catalyst of change.  Maggie has assisted hundreds of individuals in creating freedom, fun, and expansion in their business’ and with their body’s.   After earning her Fitness & Lifestyle Management Degree from George Brown College and Physical Education Degree from Brock University, Maggie moved to Colorado where she launched her first business, Body Soul Journ – a supportive business for those with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Maggie is a seasoned adventurer – she has travelled Europe in a campervan and New Zealand on bicycle with her kiddo alongside her. Maggie joyfully applies her sense of adventure to business, body's and creating life daily. A yoga instructor and Nia Black Belt, she has created a range of body-centric businesses. Maggie’s latest enterprise assists entrepreneurs in connecting with their body’s innate wisdom through conscious living practices so that they can tap into their true intuitive nature and from there, create their business from ease, flow, receive abundance in return for their efforts and have way too much fun while they’re at it. 

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