Hi there!! Thanks for stopping by here to get to know me!!

I have to say, most days I'd rather talk about bodies, business, possibilities and creation rather than myself, yet I figure you may want to know a thing or two about the lady behind all the talk about taking care of your body and growing your business.


The quick and dirty…

I love, love, love adventure, talking possibilities and watching others thrive in their business and bodies.  I have a kiddo who's 7 who I adore and have hte joy and pleasure of adventuring and exploring the world together.  When you listen to me speak, you'll notice I have a slight Canadian accent since I grew up in Ontario, Canada.  I have lived in the states (mostly Colorado) for over eleven years now.  When I am not behind my computer or on my phone creating, you will find me  hiking, at a yoga class, on a road trip, in a powerful game changing class, hanging with brilliant people; basically - you'll find me playing and adventuring wherever I happen to be.   


Why bodies?

Well, to start, I have an absolute adoration of the body. I studied Fitness and Lifestyle Management in school and then went on to get a degree in Physical Education.  My favorite class was anatomy by far!! I loved learning how the body works, the miraculous design and of course, the crazy names that each part of the body is given.  I would spend hours in the library studying bones (real ones) so I could ace the exams.

Between the two programs I went to school for, I discovered a practice called The Nia Technique, and in the practice and study of Nia I began to see to the beauty and wisdom every body holds. As I began to study the wisdom of the body  for myself , and I realized that when I actually listen in to my body, adore my body, nurture and be grateful for my body, it takes care of me.  (oh and…business and money grow too - how about that for an awesome side-effect?)

Some people will say…sure Maggie, of course YOU can adore your body…nope…I've definitely had my own experience with body hatred throughout my years, and I am so happy to share that I now walk around and create with my bestie…aka my body.  This would not have occurred if I wasn't willing to begin to see the gift that bodies, and my body can be. Connecting with my body is something I do daily and it makes a huge difference in every moment and definitely in how I show up in the world and serve the people I work with. 

Are you ready to see and receive the gift YOUR body can be?


Why business?

Well, for me business is fun! I love looking at what's working and what's not working and ask questions to open doors for shifts and greater possibilities to arrive and choose within the business.

Business has so many labels on it, and yet, when it comes down to it, why did you get into business in the first place? Perhaps it was freedom? Or money? Or flexibility? I've found (even in myself at times) that this race to continue to grow can add un-needed 'shoulds' into an entrepreneurs life can be challenging and discouraging. When we should on ourselves, stress ourselves out and ignore what's really important, it starts to kill the business. So my philosophy is ask: what would make this fun for me? Every aspect of business can get done with ease and be fun, if you are willing to ask questions, get curious and even hire out the things that drain you, business can be fun in almost any moment.

What is your business asking for?


Where in the world is Maggie?

My mailing address is in Durango, CO where I live with my son half the time. When I am not in Durango, I am adventuring all over the globe…come play with on Instagram and join the adventures….and meet me in a live class…if you dare ;)


Who are you?

I'd love to get to know you...come join me in my Facebook group, The Energized Entrepreneur, and introduce yourself!

Let the bodies know what a gift they are and they will be a gift to you
— Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness